How Can I Make Money Online?: Read A Wealthy Affiliate Review

How Can I Make Money Online?: Read A Wealthy Affiliate Review To Find Out About This Shocking Truth:

Affiliate Marketing is a totally solid, long term way to earn a residual and passive income online.

But be warned:  It takes a lot of time and effort to learn how to earn even a part-time income from affiliate marketing- you won’t get rich quick.

If you have asked: How can I make money online – then you are most definitely reading the right Review:  We have found a Program that will teach you everything you need to know to earn a part-time or a full-time income online; and it is totally legitimate, not a “get-rich-quick” scheme, not a “guru” scam, and not an MLM:  It’s The Wealthy Affiliate University.

You Can Sign Up For Free, No Credit Card Required

What is really great is that you can signup for free, no credit card is required, and there are no catches: You can just sign up and start learning today.  With the Free Starter Program you are given two free SiteRubix websites and all of the instruction you need to get started developing your own online Affiliate Marketing business.

We Are Premium Members

Just to keep it real, we would like to begin our Review by informing you that we are Premium Members of Wealthy Affiliate, and we earn a commission if you upgrade from the Free Starter Program to the Premium Member Program.  Nevertheless, we are offering you our own personal experience as Premium Members, for no other reason than we think it is fantastic program that everyone can benefit from.

Details about the differences in features and benefits between the Free Starter Member Program, and the Upgrade Premium Member Program are spelled out later in our Comparison Table.

Everyone who chooses to share the awesome benefits of this Wealthy Affiliate Program will receive a unique link to this Homepage below, as have we.  Click on this image to get a quick overview of everything this program has to offer on the eight pages of this site:

Affiliate Home Page
Our Affiliate Home Page: Explore the fantastic Wealthy Affiliate University of Affiliate Marketing

 These Are The Topics You Will Be Able To Explore On Our Wealthy Affiliate Site:

Education, Websites, Domains, Community, Success, About Us, Sign-Up, Login, Hosting.  You can click on the images below to go to that webpage.

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What We Want To Accomplish With This Review

In the pages below we will share with you our experience with Wealthy Affiliate in the last few months that we have been Premium Members (the difference between Starter and Premium Member benefits are detailed later in this Review).  What we want to accomplish with this Wealthy Affiliate review is to give you a direct experience of the Wealthy Affiliate Online course material, and just as important, the 100,000+, Pay-It-Forward, caring Wealthy Affiliate Community:  this way you will see for yourself the quality of the support and the instruction, the simplicity of the process, the professionalism of the videos and the course material, and the total completeness of this whole Affiliate Marketing Training Program for helping anyone succeed online.

If you have a real desire and/or need to make money online, and you peruse the pages of our Review, we promise that you will be able to see that you can definitely do this program: you can actually make passive and residual income online, right from the comfort of your own home – or actually using any mobile device anywhere you have an internet connection.

How Do You Make Money Online With Affiliate Marketing?

In order to accomplish this goal, we are going to begin by sharing a short video by Kyle, the co-founder of the Wealthy Affiliate, explaining what everyone wants to know when first visiting our website:  How do you actually begin to make money online using our Affiliate Marketing Training Program?

This video is just 8:44 minutes long and a must watch for those who are new to making money online.  Kyle gives an excellent, low-key, step-by-step explanation of the whole affiliate marketing process to earn passive, residual, long-lasting online revenue.   Passive income is income that you earn for creating something once and then getting paid for it again and again: like a book or a cd.  Residual Income is income you receive on a monthly basis for a subscription to a service or website.  This video is from the Wealthy Affiliate Lesson 2 online certification course.  This image is from the Course Header:

Cert 1, Lesson 2, Header, Make Money.
Cert 1, Lesson 2, Header, Make Money.

Viewing Instructions

Click on the image of the video below to go to the Wealthy Affiliate webpage where you can view this video.  Click on the Start Button to view the clip.

Start button

Cert 1, Lesson 2, Video How to Make Money Online

 How To Choose A Niche

You can see from this video above the excellent way that Kyle has of explaining how to use Affiliate Marketing to make money online.  All of the course material in this Wealthy Affiliate Program is this same high quality, yet low-key simplicity.

In the above video, Kyle instructs us to pick a niche, a product or service that we are knowledgeable about, or passionate about, or expert in, or that we just want to share with the world.  This may seem like a huge task when you are getting started, but Kyle makes the process easy and exciting.  We would like to share with you the next video in the Online Certification Courses where Kyle explains how we go about picking a niche that will help us turn a passion into an income.  This video is from Certification Course Lesson 3 – this is the Header Image for this course:

Cert 1, Lesson 3, What Is A Niche Image
Cert 1, Lesson 3, “What Is My Niche” Image.

Cert 1, Lesson 3, Video It Starts With a Niche

Building Your First Affiliate Marketing Website Takes Less Than A Minute

As Kyle strongly emphasized in the Tutorial video above, real, long lasting online success requires that you have your own website.  If your are new to making money online, this may seem like a daunting, and even an impossible task.

Fortunately, as a Starter Member of the Wealthy Affiliate Program, you receive two free websites, and you can get them up and running in less than a minute.  This short 23 minute video below will explain just how easy it is.  This video is from Lesson 4 of the Wealthy Affiliate Certification Course: Build Your Own Website:

Cert 1, Lesson 4, Heading, "Build Your Own Website".
Cert 1, Lesson 4, Heading, “Build Your Own Website”.

“How To Build A Website In Less Than A Minute”

What Is The Wealthy Affiliate?

The Wealthy Affiliate University  is, hands down, the finest educational platform to Learn every last detail and technique about Affiliate Marketing.  But even more than this – The Wealthy Affiliate is a 100,000 + Community of caring entrepreneurs who are available 24/7 online to help you with any questions or issue you have in your learning journey.

The Wealthy Affiliate University has the finest online Courses, Classrooms, and Bootcamps to get you quickly up and running with your own affiliate marketing business.  We will teach you step-by-step how to set up your own website, pick a niche, and then monetize it by establishing affiliate marketing partnerships with, Clickbank, Ebay,  major department stores like Walmart, Sears, Penny’s, etc.  When you place ads provided by these affiliate partner companies on your website, and people click on them:  If they purchase something then you get a commission.

It’s simple, convenient, no stock to purchase or warehouse or deliver.  And no obligation to provide service, the affiliate partner takes care of that.  Many experienced affiliate marketers, who have invested the time it takes to learn the ins-and-outs of this profession, earn residual income each month from their websites.  When you learn how to be a successful affiliate marketer you can always make residual income online.  We have written this Review of the Wealthy Affiliate to show you why we believe this Program is the very best affiliate marketing educational platform anywhere.

Table of Contents

We know that your time is irreplaceable, and you want to get to the information you want quickly:  so we have provided this Table Of Contents for easy navigation of this page.  You open and close the TOC by clicking on the Show/Hide Button.

Navigation Table for How Can I Make Money Online?: Read A Wealthy Affiliate Review

Thank You For Visiting.  We Offer You A Warm Welcome.

Before We Go Any Further We Would Like To Thank You For Visiting And offer a quick Introduction.

Veanna pointing to Dennis smiling in a loving way
Hi all, Veanna here. I’m the proud owner of this site . Thanks for visiting. We extend to you a very warm welcome. This is my dearest friend, and my beloved husband Dennis, the webmaster of our site. We hope you will click on our About Veanna & Dennis Page and get to know us better. You can see from these images that we are just plain folks who want to share something we have found to be invaluable with you. We hope you spend some time perusing this Review because there is a gold-mine of value here. We hope you will end up joining us, and the thousands of caring members of the Wealthy Affiliate community who have used this Program to answer their question: “How can I make money online?” We are all available 24/7 to help you do the same. It is this unfailing, 24/7 enthusiastic support that is the real Gold of this program. And what’s really great is you can start learning and earning from your own affiliate marketing business absolutely free. We all use the principle of, “Pay It Forward” to help each other succeed in this great venture of developing our own lucrative online affiliate marketing businesses.  Pay it forward is a simple practice of doing good deeds for others with no expectation of return.

Quick Overview

PRODUCT Reviewed: Wealthy Affiliate University


Notice: We Are Affiliate Marketers Of This Wealthy Affiliate Program.

This means we receive a commission if you sign up for the paid Premium Membership Program (explained below).  Nevertheless, we want to emphasize that this review is our honest, objective report of what we have experienced as Premium Members, not just hype to make a sale.

To be totally transparent: Here is the Wealthy Affiliate website without our affiliate tracking ID, just in case you would like to sign up for this program on your own:  Our only objective here is to just share this awesome Program with as many people as possible who truly want to learn how to make money online.

Price: $0/month for Free Starter Membership,

The Starter Membership includes two free SiteRubix WordPress websites;  There is no credit card required to sign up for the Free Starter Membership Program.  You can stay in the Starter Membership Program for as long as you like.  This is where you start to find out that this Program could be the answer to your question: “How can I make money online?”

There is just one Upgrade: Premium Membership

You can upgrade to Premium Membership for $19 the first month, then $47/mo there after, Annual investment of $359 (saves $205.00/year over monthly).  This upgrade gives you complete access to the most up-to-date, complete, in-depth program of affiliate marketing instruction available anywhere.  The Upgrade is for those who now want to go full force with developing their revenue producing online business.  We provide a comparison grid below that will show you the Features and Benefits of this whole Program and the differences between the Free Starter Membership Program and the Premium Membership Program.

Up-sells after signing up for the Premium Membership Program:

No Up-sells – you will have full access to all of the in-depth programs and benefits of the program permanently with your Premium Membership.

Co-Creators and Owners: Kyle Loudoun & Carson Lim

Our Overall Rank For The Wealthy Affiliate University: 98 out of 100 (It Would be 100 out of 100, but every Program can be improved) 5 Stars (5 / 5)

Recommended: Yes

Who is it for:

Newbies and experts who want an answer to this questions:  “How can I make money online?”  If you have an internet connection and can answer your email, you can create your own successful online business.  With this program you will definitely learn how to make money online.


This Comparison Chart below gives you a complete overview of the Features and Benefits of the Wealthy Affiliate University of Affiliate Marketing, while showing you what Benefits are included in the Free Membership Program v. the Premium Membership Program. The Benefits descriptions are quoted from Carson and Kyle in our Affiliate Marketing page: page.  Click on an image to enlarge it for ease of reading.  Click on the image again to go to the next enlarged image.  Click outside the image to return to this page.

We will be highlighting these Features and Benefits as we develop this review.

Disclaimer: What this Wealthy Affiliate University is NOT:

We want to make sure this is clearly understood by everyone who visits our website.  So please, before you read any further we want to emphasize very strongly that The Wealthy Affiliate University is Not A Get-Rich-Quick Scheme. Nor is it an MLM, or a platform for internet gurus who charge fortunes and return nothing.  You have to study and work very hard to learn this profession and you won’t earn any real money for at least 6 months to a year.

What the Wealthy Affiliate Program is:

The Wealthy Affiliate University is a totally legitimate, awesomely complete course of step-by-step, affiliate marketing instruction: Of equal importance, the Wealthy Affiliate University is a 24/7 totally supportive community of successful entrepreneurs paying it forward to help anyone learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing.

If you just keep taking the Lessons and completing each Task Assignment, you will succeed:  You will have all of the online Tools and 24/7 Support you need to help you get through the Lessons.  By completing the Lesson, you will build your own successful affiliate marketing business.  We will show you the details of how this works in this Review.

There is not another affiliate marketing training platform out there that comes anywhere close to what you can have at your fingertips with this Program.  We have looked, and we have read many, many comments by other members who have been in other Programs – none of them come even close to the Wealthy Affiliate University in this field of affiliate marketing instruction and support.


Like you, we posed this same question: “How Can I make money online?”  We were looking for totally legitimate Program that would teach us how to make money online.  We had heard about this Wealthy Affiliate University from friends many years ago, but didn’t check it out then:  We wish now that we had not delayed because this Program would have saved us years of spinning our wheels with other unworkable online financial schemes.  We began by reading many, many reviews online about this Program:  What we found was almost non-stop highest praise for this Program, and we could not find any negatives.  So on 1-3-16 we joined this wonderful Community under their Free Starter Program.

How Does It Work

We know that most people want to see a product demonstration up-front so they know quickly how this Program works.  When you signup for the Free Starter Membership Program, or the Premium Membership Program, you will be given your own account page that you will use to build your online affiliate marketing business.  This is how it begins:

The Wealthy Affiliate University Dashboard

This is the Dashboard that opened to us when we first started.  When you sign up for either the Free Starter or Premium Membership Program, this Dashboard will be your online Home to build your online business.  We have taken this screenshot of our Home Page with the “Top 10” most recent Tutorials listed.  Both the owners of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson, as well as Members develop Courses and tutorials to help the rest of the Community Succeed in building their own affiliate marketing business.  This is what’s so great about this Program – everyone helps everyone succeed.  Your dashboard will look similar to this.

This is a screen shot of our Dashboard with "the Top 10 recent tutorials chosen.
This is a screen shot of our Dashboard with “the Top 10 recent tutorials chosen.

It was really confusing and daunting to us when we first signed up in January.  But we clicked on the green “Get Started” button in the left side menu: Get Started Here ButtonThis is a smart button that keeps track of which Course and Lesson you are currently on.  We were on Course 2, Lesson 2 when we took this screen shot.  When we started we were immediately taken to this page:

This is an overview of the first Getting Started course.  We have completed this Course and it is really great.  As a Free Starter Member you will have full access to this Course.  We clicked on Lesson 1, “Getting Rolling” and were just totally impressed with the low-key, step-by-step instructions given by Kyle, the Co-Creator and Owner of the Wealthy Affiliate University.  We read his Introductory remarks and were greatly impressed with his explanation of the 4 Steps to creating a successful affiliate marketing business.  Here is an image of how Kyle summarized the process:

Image depicting These are the 4 Steps everyone takes to develop a successful affiliate marketing business.
These are the 4 Steps everyone takes to develop a successful affiliate marketing business.

It isn’t complicated at all and anyone with even a modicum of computer skill can use this Program to create their own revenue producing, online affiliate marketing business.

Watch Kyle’s, “Wealthy Affiliate Walk-through – How YOU Can Benefit From WA” first.

We hope that so far, this Wealthy Affiliate University Program looks like a great possibility of truly answering your question, “How can I earn money online?”  If this is the case for you then we highly recommend that you view the 28 minute video below:  Kyle’s introductory explanation of what this Program is all about – “Wealthy Affiliate Walkthrough – How YOU Can Benefit From WA”:  This HD Quality video will lay it all out in a very thorough and low-key way, what this Program is, how it works and how you can use it to earn a residual income online with affiliate marketing.

Comments And Reviews On Kyle’S First Walk-Through Video

This video is designed specifically to help a new person just in the door to immediately get started building their own successful, revenue producing affiliate marketing business.  Here are a few comments from Members who have just viewed this video.  Click on an image to enlarge it for easy viewing, then click on this image again to get to the next image; click outside the image to return to normal viewing:

We have embedded Kyle’s video in our post below for your convenience.  Click anywhere in the video window to start it.  You can get a full screen view of this video by hovering over the video with your mouse and then clicking on the 4 square brackets in the lower right hand corner.  Sometimes your browser will say full screen is “Disabled”, but you can then click on the upper right hand arrow pointing diagonally up.  This is a “Pop Out” button and will take you to our google drive webpage where we have stored this video.  Then you can click on the “Full Screen” button to view it.  To leave “Full Screen” mode, You can click your “Esc” key (usually on the upper left of your keyboard on your PC) to exit “Full Screen” mode.  If you are using your mobile device, just click again on the square brackets on the bottom right of the video.

Wealthy Affiliate Walk-through – How YOU Can Benefit From WA

We hope you enjoyed viewing this central Walk-Through Video.  It really is a simple process to begin building your own online affiliate marketing business.  This is just an example of the quality guidance you will receive all through this Program.

24/7 Support with Live Chat

You can get almost instant help from thousands of Wealthy Affiliate Members by clicking on the blue “Live Chat” Button, just below the green, “Get Started Here” button:  Live Chat Button

Here is a screen shot of a current live chat going on:

Screen shot of Live Chat

If you are going through a Lesson and you are confused or get stuck, you can just click on the blue “Live Chat” button and post your question:  You will usually get a response and specific instructions on how to solve or un-complicate an issue within minutes.  This is what sets this Program apart from any other online educational platform out there.  This is the clincher that “sold” us totally and completely on this Program.

Another Way to Ask A Question:

Just to give you an idea of the kind of quick response you can get from the Wealthy Affiliate Community:  We recently posed a question on our home page using the “Writer” tool.  Initially, we felt overwhelmed by the extent of the Course material, and a realization of how much we needed to learn to create a successful affiliate marketing business.

Nevertheless, we still felt totally confident that we could learn everything we needed to learn, because it’s all here in this Program – and most important, we know that help is always available, 24/7 if we get stuck.  So we posed this question if others felt the same way getting started.  Wow, we got many responses fairly quickly in complete agreement with what we had been feeling.  Here is a screen shot of the top right portion of our home page with this Tool activated:

The Writer tool
The Writer tool

We scroll down to the “Ask Question” link and fire away.  The whole Community gets notification that a new question has been posed and many dozens of Members will respond, usually within minutes.  Here’s a screen shot of the window that opens:

Ask a question
Ask a question

It’s really just so amazing to have these kinds of Tools at our fingertips, just click, type in our questions – and voila – we get answers.  And you will also.  There’s just nothing like this anywhere out there in the internet world.

A Third Way To Get Help

You can also go to the top of your dashboard, middle of the screen and type in a question here.  This will automatically start a search for your question in our database of questions.  This will open a list of matches to your query.  We have typed in: “start a website”.   And you can see that there are already many options to choose from.  It’s like this with every question you may have.  Somebody else in the Community has already faced this issue and an answer has already been posted.

Asking a Question
Asking a Question

If you can’t find your answer here, you can scroll down and type in your questions.  Help is always available, thousands of members are always online watching to see who is having a problem – and ready to post an answer or solution to your issue.  And you will usually get an answer within minutes.

Step-By-Step Instructions, Great Clip Art illustrations, Task Driven Assignments & Walk-Through Videos Make It Totally Easy To Learn

Each of the Ten Lessons were totally easy to understand, everything is given in a step-by-step manner;  And what is really great is that each of the Lessons, Except #10, had an in-depth video by Kyle, the co-owner himself, that took us through the Lesson material.  And even better, you are assigned Tasks to complete at the end of each Lesson:  This means you have to demonstrate that you understood the Lesson and can apply it, before going on to the next Lesson.  This is how you build your own successful affiliate marketing business, step-by-step.  It was so easy to understand.  But even above the great Lessons was all the warm and caring Wealthy Affiliate Community, always available 24/7 to answer any questions or encourage us on our way.

We Went From The Free Starter Program, To The Premium Membership Program, To Annual Membership In Our First 30 Days

We were blown away by the quality of the Course Lessons, and the total and caring support of the Wealthy Affiliate University community.  We knew now why we had read nothing but positive reviews about the Wealthy Affiliate University:  We knew for sure that we had found a fantastic Program that really would answer our question: “How can I make money online?”

We are in this Program for the long-haul, actually for the rest of our lives, we are so impressed with everything that we have experienced.  It is a kind of second home online.  For us, finding this Wealthy Affiliate University is the greatest blessing financially that we could ever imagine or hope to find.

The Wealthy Affiliate Is A True University

We have found that this Wealthy Affiliate is a true University of Affiliate Marketing.  A university is a community of students, teachers, professionals, and experts who come together to learn from each other, to share each other’s knowledge, expertise, and experiences about the subjects they are passionate about.

We All Pay It Forward

The Wealthy Affiliate is the very epitome of a living University of Affiliate Marketing.   We have found that there are over 400,000 members who all willingly share their knowledge and expertise and offer help and encouragement to the other Members:  we all do what we can to help each other create and then expand successful affiliate marketing businesses.  As a part of this Community, we all live and breathe the practice of “Pay It Forward”.  Pay It Forward is a simple practice of doing good deeds for others without expecting anything in return.

Our Business Philosophy

Our whole business philosophy at Wealthy Affiliate is: provide excellent service, help other people achieve their dreams, and yours will be achieved also.  If you can wholeheartedly subscribe to our Pay It Forward practice and our business philosophy then you are most definitely in the right place.  You will find that we have the best affiliate marketing program anywhere.  You won’t find a finer, more uplifting educational environment to learn how to make money online.

The reason we have so much confidence in this Program:

The reason we have a kind of absolute confidence in this Program:  Is that we have experienced nothing but great Lessons and a great supportive Community, responsive to the questions and issues that we confronted along the way.  Among all of the “make money online” scams out there, there are a few good programs also:  but what sets this Wealthy Affiliate University apart from all of them is:

  • first of all you can join absolutely free, without giving any credit card information – for us, this is just a definite proof that the owners Kyle and Carson, have complete confidence in the value of this Program:  they know that if a person comes to this Program, asking your question:  “How can I make money online?”, and takes a close look at this Program, from the inside, all doubts will be dispelled:  they will quickly see that this whole educational/pay-it-forward support community platform will help anyone who applies the Program earn an income online;
  • The next reason we have this certainty about this Program:  It’s the absolute completeness and depth of the Curriculum.  It is vast and it is deep and it is complete.  Like we said, everything you need in the way of professional affiliate marketing instruction is available.
  • When you couple this with the wonderfully helpful Wealthy Affiliate Community:  well, it’s just the best affiliate marketing educational platform available anywhere, hands down.

We are just starting, in January of 2016:  So we know that we will just have to continue studying the Wealthy Affiliate Curriculum very hard, implement assigned Tasks diligently, make many errors, get stuck, call on the Wealthy Affiliate Community for help, and do this for many months before we make even a few dollars.  This is definitely NOT a get-rich-quick scheme.

Thousands Of Wealthy Affiliate Members Earn Residual Incomes Online

There are definitely financial rewards for those who do the work required: Indeed, Thousands of Wealthy Affiliate Members do earn residual incomes online by implementing the training, tools and support of this Program: but only after 6 months to a year of steady, dedicated development of their affiliate marketing business.  You can check out a few of our Member’s Success Stories by clicking on this link:  Inspirational Success Stories.  We are definitely going to be writing one of these success stories ourselves, because we are totally committed to doing this Program.  Look for our success story within the next year, we can promise you.

There Are Two Paths You Can Take To Develop Your Affiliate Marketing Business

We want to let you know that there are two paths you can take to develop your own affiliate marketing business:  The first is to chose your niche from among the products and services you have a passion for, or are interested in promoting.   Many Members have some difficulty at first deciding on which niche to pursue.

As an alternative, you can choose this Wealthy Affiliate University to promote as your niche.  This is a very lucrative affiliate program where you can potentially earn a great income just sharing this great Program with the world.  This is just what we have done because it is the greatest gift we can give anyone:  Everyone should have access to earning a great income online, and this is the best way we know of.  We are totally committed to sharing this Program with the world.  Here is a screen shot from our Affiliate Marketing page that will show just what kind of income we are talking about:

This is a screen shot of our Affiliate Marketing Page
This is a screen shot of our Affiliate Marketing Page

You can earn an average of $100 per Premium Membership signups.  There is a fantastic Training Program devoted to helping Members earn a great income promoting this Wealthy Affiliate University.  As a Free Starter Member, you will have the option to choose the Wealthy Affiliate University as your niche:  And you will have full access to the Bootcamp, Course 1 Training Program, to show exactly how to go about earning income from this Program.  Here’s a screenshot of the run-down on this Course:

Reviews and Comments by Wealthy Affiliate Members

Here are a few Reviews of this Bootcamp Course and comments by other Members, just so you can see for yourself how well received this Course has been to actual members.

About The Creators of the Wealthy Affiliate University:

The Co-Creators and Owners of Wealthy Affiliate University are: Carson and Kyle

Carson & Kyle, the Co-Founders and Co-Owners of the Wealthy Affiliate University
Carson & Kyle, the Co-Founders and Co-Owners of the Wealthy Affiliate University

Carson Lim and Kyle Loudoun ARE The Wealthy Affiliate University.  They are the co-creators and co-owners of this unsurpassed, totally unique, educational platform. The Wealthy Affiliate Community is the substance of this Program, but it is Carson and Kyle that are the driving force, the center, the attractive dynamic power that has brought us all together.  They live in Vancouver, Canada and met as computer science majors in 2004:  They quickly became friends and started working together on developing the coding skills, the tools and the strategies required to earn money online with affiliate market programs.  They became very successful, earning as much or more than their college professors within a year.

Rather than just continue earning fantastic incomes online for themselves only, they chose to share what they had developed with anyone who wants to learn.  This became their whole passion, to help others gain the kind of financial freedom they were enjoying through application of affiliate marketing skills and techniques.  They are personally involved every day in helping the thousands of Wealthy Affiliate Community achieve their goals of building successful affiliate marketing businesses.  They have helped over One Million people now start their own successful affiliate marketing business since 2005.  They are very active in the Wealthy Affiliate Community today and are willing to personally help anyone who asks.

Everyone Receives A Warm Welcome

We want you to know that everyone who joins the Wealthy Affiliate is immediately greeted by any number of members.  We are hoping that you will be the next valued Member of our caring Community.  We have captured images of some of the initial comments we received from Wealthy Affiliate Members below:

Pros in Detail

We are now going to look at the Pros of this Wealthy Affiliate University in more detail – We break them down to:

    • The Wealthy Affiliate University Curriculum
    • The Online Tools
    • The Wealthy Affiliate Support

Education/Training Overview

Education/Training:  OUR OVERALL RATING: 5 Stars (5 / 5)

The Training provided by the Wealthy Affiliate University is the foundation of the whole program.  For those who would like a close look, we have created another Page that will give you the complete details of the whole Wealthy Affiliate University Curriculum.  Click on the blue underlined text above to visit our page.  The Curriculum is humongous, and this is the only word we come up with to describe what is available, especially if you decide to signup for the Premium Membership Program.



We have an absolutely complete complement of Online Tools that will provide you with everything you can ever need to expand your affiliate market business to whatever level of revenue production you chose.  We tell you the truth that we have not yet progressed far enough along to require the use of some of these tools, so we cannot report on their value from direct experience.  But we have read reviews of Members and it’s always the same: great tools, great support in answering questions and getting help using these tools.

Website & Hosting: Includes

Two SiteRubix Free Websites,

Every Member gets two free SiteRubix websites using the famous and widely used WordPress web design platform.  You can literally set up the foundation of your whole online business in less than a minute.  Here is video by Kyle demonstrating how easily this done.

Building Your Website – Get Up and Running With This Walk-through

We have embedded this 23 minute Key Walk-Through Video by Kyle that will show you how amazingly easy it is to set up your first Free website.  In less than a minute you will have your own website created and ready to use to build your own online business.  Kyle has an inimitable low-key, easy, informative and friendly way of taking us through these strange new waters of online marketing.

We hope that watching this video has given you the definite picture that anyone with just a modicum of computer skills can make this Program work for them:  With your own website the sky really is no limit in your ability to make money online with affiliate marketing.

Site Management:

The Site Manager Tool is so critical to developing your website.  We use it daily, to login to our website, and to get a summary of activities on our website.  We have only just begun developing this website and have just launched it, so we do not have a lot of activity yet.  Here is a screen shot taken 4-16-16:

Our Site Manager Page
Our Site Manager Page

We are on this page everyday, constantly applying new techniques that we are constantly learning, and adding new content as it comes to us.  It’s the most exciting feeling, to have a website of your own, and to know you can turn it into a substantial source of income.  It’s just a matter of learning and then applying the next Lesson.  Anyone can do it.

Site Domains purchase,

You can search for and purchase your own domain right here within the Wealthy Affiliate SiteDomains platform.  Domain names are your home address online.  You can’t do business online without a domain.  Every Member gets two free SiteRubix domains, but it is best to setup your online business with your own domain name.  They are relatively inexpensive – about $14.00 for one-year.  They must be renewed every year.  We have purchased a few domains now, trying them on for size like, to see what we like best.  Here is a screen shot of our SiteDomains page:

Our SiteDomains Page
Our SiteDomains Page

Site Comments,

This Tool allow us to manage the Comments that Visitors like yourself make after reading our Reviews.  We hope you will add to our Comments at the end of this Review.

Site Email,

You can set a customized email address with each of your domain names.  For example we have:  It’s really professional to have your domain name and your own email.

Site Support;

This is also absolutely crucial to running a successful website – if anything seems to not work or you need help with something relating to your website – you have 24/7 support to answer your questions

Key Word Tools

The critical importance of finding the best key words to promote your affiliate marketing business cannot be appreciated yet:  this will unfold as you become more familiar with content creation and getting high, page 1 rankings of your website with Google and Bing.

There is a free Key Word Tool that all Free Starter and Premium Members can use.  If you go to the Dashboard, and down midway to the “Tools” section, you can click on the “Keyword Tool.”  Here is a screen shot from this tool where we typed in: “can I make money online”:  This is a great keyword because there are 3,132 searches a month – which is fairly high.  This is absolutely crucial to your success – to find key words that people are searching for, key words that directly relate to your offering.

Image of WA Key Word Tool Page

But the other critical issue is – how much competition is there for these key words:  how many other websites are using these same keywords to attract followers to their website.  Ideally we want to find a high search volume and a low competition rate.  So we next click on the “View Result” under the Competition Column.  Here’s a screen shot of this result:

Image of Competition Results

So any key words that have a Competition rate that is less than 200 is considered good.  This is why we have been using these key words to share this Wealthy Affiliate University Review.  You will see these keywords throughout this Post.  This is what Google and Bing look for to decide how relevant your offering is to your key words.  All of this is tremendously important to your success and it is all precisely and completely taught in the Wealthy Affiliate University curriculum.



Our overall rating of the Wealthy Affiliate University Support System 5 Stars (5 / 5)

The Wealthy Affiliate University absolutely has the greatest support system of any company of any kind in the world. We have tried to impart to you by example and links just how caring and giving and “There” the Wealthy Affiliate Community is: Anyone who reaches out for help, support, encouragement, or with a question of any kind, in any way, at any time of the day or night will be answered.  There is always a Wealthy Affiliate Member who is experienced and knowledgeable online, 24/7 waiting and totally willing to help anyone who asks.

Wealthy Affiliate Member Comments About the Support of the Program

One of our Members, soc2662, posed this question in Classrooms/WA Affiliate Program: “Is there any better place to build your business than WA?”  He received 98 responses to date, 3-16-16, the greatest majority reporting great satisfaction with the Program and the support of the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

We collected the images from  a few dozen of the responses to this question and put them in a gallery below.  You can click on an image to enlarge it in a slide app.  Just keep clicking on an image to go to the next one.  Click outside an image to return to our Review Page.

Summary of Pros:

You can have 24/7 access to professional, experienced, successful affiliate marketers to get guidance, help, and encouragement in building your own successful online business.  This includes the owners of the Wealthy Affiliate University, Kyle and Carson, and the entire Community of Wealthy Affiliate Members.

The educational material available to Members is so complete, so up-to-date, so cutting edge, so practical that it is on the level of any university curriculum anywhere.

The Online tools make up a complete package all under one mansion room of affiliate marketing education.  This is the Harvard of Affiliate Marketing.

Summary of Cons


One that we have noted from other Members:  Thousands of Members will freely and graciously offer to help other members – but sometimes the help offered is not the right help, or the best help.  Nevertheless, this is not a big concern, because other Members will see the error and correct.  This is a minor negative, but we note it because it has been reported.


This Wealthy Affiliate Program can be overwhelming to start.  It was for us and we have read many posts by other new members who say the same.  We agree that we just have to keep on studying and doing the Tasks.  It gets better for sure, but this is a vast Program and it can be very confusing as to how it’s ever going to get completed.  The Community Support is always here and we have called on


We thank you for giving us this opportunity to share this Wealthy Affiliate University Program with you.  Please do not hesitate to offer your comments below, or just call us anytime at 916-740-1128 and we will be glad to talk to you.

The Wealthy Affiliate University will definitely answer your question:  “How can I make money online?” totally and completely:  This Wealthy Affilaite University Program will help you make money online with affiliate marketing hands down.  We have shown you in some detail in this Review that we have the complete package of Training, Tools, and 24/7 Support.  There is no other program out there, not online, not in any brick and mortar university program, that can come even remotely come close to what you have at your fingertips here at the Wealthy Affiliate University.  Our recommendation is that you immediately sign up for the Free Starter Membership Program to begin your journey to a new life as a successful affiliate marketer.  

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